So scary, yet so full of beauty

by Maria Esquiel

So scary, yet so full of beauty, culture and memories. You, little village, you scare visitors, neighbors and residents with all the violence you carry on your streets, yet no one seems to leave. From all your magnificent history, restaurants, and stores, but is it really those materialistic stuff that you give us that makes people want to stay or return or could it be your various types of culture that you brig together—Mexicans, black, white or Asian.

In my opinion, I think that people remain in you, little village, not because of the food or stores but because of you, you bring people especially Hispanics a little bit of their home because you know they are far from home and you know that the noise of all the people or even a simple car honking will bring them joy. Many people know you because of the public clock that you display but for some people like me that clock is just another of the beautys {beauty's} that you share with your visitors because what really means the most is that you make people who are far from home feel like they belong somewhere and that is with you.

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