Beautiful deck with a lovely lake view

by Celeste Castaneda

Beautiful deck with a lovely lake view that could make one lose thought with just a stare. That’s really what Navy Pier is all about. It is a good tourist attraction, there is not a day where the place is alone. That’s what fascinates me the most, if you take a loo at the people here, there’s diversity. Many not from the locale. Which explained {explains} the perhaps change of languages. The pier brings out the best among the different cultures.

Going back to almost a year ago, I recall going to Navy Pier and seeing some sort of cultural dancing. This place celebrates the diversity brought along the Chicago area. This really is an attraction center. There’s a great amount of food to choose from, from simple quick snacks to actual sit in dinner restaurants. Your options aren’t limited! One of my favorite restaurants here is Harry Caray’s Tavern which is a Chicago sports past and present themed restaurant. Which is possibly one of the main reasons I find myself coming back.

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