They say

by Lizzet Benitez

They say you’re good with kids,

They say you’re beautiful.

You are full of life and full of joy.

You make every child happy with your warm embrace.

It might be cold outside but you have the warmth of all their hearts

When spring comes around you are more beautiful than ever.

The blooming flowers cover you like an expensive silk shirt.

The wonderful smell of

Nature showers every soul that visits you.

The sweet smell of fresh cut grass is like

A warm welcome every time I come.

There is a city all around you, horns honking,

People yelling, loud noises everywhere.

But when I visit you all of that goes away

All I could hear is children playing, yelling,

“Mommy come take my picture!”

Mothers laughing running after their enthusiastic kids.

What I love the most about you is

The sense of relaxation I get when I lay down on the

Cool cut grass and just take everything in.

The sounds of laughter slowly fade away as

fall into a mellow sense of sleep.

Everything is quiet

All I hear is the soft breeze.

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