The way you show the reflection

by Elyssa Barrera

The way you show the reflection of our city with such beauty is amazing. No other city can have the love I have for you, Chicago, you may have your bipolar weather days, but I love you. You’re like a crazy girlfriend that changes their moods daily. The way the wind flows through the air is like music to my ears.

My dearest Chicago you’re beautiful in every way, even though you do have your dark spots, where it isn't always safe and is full of sadness, heartbreak, and violence. The Bean downtown is my favorite place, I love looking at the reflection of my beautiful city on the Bean. Brings me memories of when I’d be with my friends admiring your beauty and getting lost in your streets. Chicago is where my heart will always be, my favorite city in the world nowhere else compares to you. The smells of Garrets popcorn isn’t the same anywhere else, or the talking people on the streets are so alive and nice. I am proud of you my beautiful city. Even if you may be colder than a {an} iceberg in Alaska during winter, I still continue to love you. You give me chills and headaches with your horrible weather but that’s not how you are, you’re unique apart from other cities there is none like you Chicago.

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