St. Gall Parish

by Marlene Maya

St. Gall Parish, you mean a lot to me, my family and the whole community. You always make us feel welcome. When we go to you, you make us feel safe, at peace and content with ourselves. With your welcoming smell of incense, flowers, and the burning candles, you strengthen our faith. When I close my eyes and pray I can hear the other people praying along with me. I hear your bells that let us know mass is going to start.

You are impossible to miss, for you stand big and tall upon your community. Your big cross that makes anyone who passes by take a moment from our busy lives to do the sign of to bless ourselves. I like that you are big and have beautiful architecture, it’s hard not to stop and admire you. Your glass windows with the images of Jesus and our saints are the most beautiful work of art. I love it when the sun shines through the windows it makes all kinds of beautiful colors, the site of that is just fascinating. I always remember going to church on Sundays with my family, you were always the place were {where} my family got along.

Now that my family is mostly divided I keep the memories of when we were together in your temple.

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