Dear Kristina’s Bakery

by Kathleen Martinez

The reason why I chose to write to you today was because there’s so much {many} memories that I, in no doubt regret. The first memory that I wanted to let you know about was that in this bakery my family and I have come here since I was three years old. Even before then my parents met in this exact bakery. They would even celebrate their anniversary here too. They still talk about how you guys always keep your decorations extremely original.

Your pastrys {pastries} have something in them that makes you want more. Since I was their first girl my parents named me after you, “Kristina.” The way you guys also have charity organizations to help out the kids who don’t have a home, by selling your products, is something to admire you guys.

I especially knew that you guys are a great business and I’ll be glad to bring my children to this great bakery as well. Thanks very much for your wonderful treats.

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