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This wretched foul place

by Max Zabler

This wretched foul place, this ungodly abominable place I lay still in time as my vision peers around and remember{s} this place. The Argus, history museum, a horrifying place before that retell the ugly gruesome history of my people in a biased, derified way. Now it seems all that unholy, abominable detail came real. All thanks to the Knightmare {nightmare?}.


A love-hate relationship

by Jose Soto

I have a love-hate relationship with you. I’ve heard so many great, phenomenal bands that have toured throughout the world and visit Chicago’s House of Blue’s, yet I wasn’t amazed at all. The first time I came to you, you were far too crowded and incredibly smaller than I thought. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you oversoled {oversold} your tickets to just about anyone.


Being with you

by Jallene Pineda

Being with you is always so soothing,

Every time I go to you, I see you and

Notice something new. Although, you sometimes

Smell like someone that hasn’t

Showered in days, I still enjoy your company.


I haven’t visited

by Jennifer Ortega

Hello, it’s me, Jenn. I haven’t visited you in a long time, I’m sorry. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to be able to visit. You inspired me…moved me to do what I love. Where others only see vandalism and disgust, I see beauty. You’re colorful and full of wonder. Your walls line up with different shapes, lines and colors that it is hard to focus on just one thing. You opened my eyes to a whole different world. I used to see graffiti in a disgusting and illegal way, however, I know {now} see it as another form of art. There’s so much talent around you. You are filled with the crys {cries} of artists wanting to be discovered. Although the city wants to clean you of what they see as vandalism, you are covered from all to wall all over again. You taught me to open my way of thinking to different things. That there is more to this world than we know. Thank you, I’ll see you again.

St. Gall Parish

by Marlene Maya

St. Gall Parish, you mean a lot to me, my family and the whole community. You always make us feel welcome. When we go to you, you make us feel safe, at peace and content with ourselves. With your welcoming smell of incense, flowers, and the burning candles, you strengthen our faith. When I close my eyes and pray I can hear the other people praying along with me. I hear your bells that let us know mass is going to start.


Dear Kristina’s Bakery

by Kathleen Martinez

The reason why I chose to write to you today was because there’s so much {many} memories that I, in no doubt regret. The first memory that I wanted to let you know about was that in this bakery my family and I have come here since I was three years old. Even before then my parents met in this exact bakery. They would even celebrate their anniversary here too. They still talk about how you guys always keep your decorations extremely original.


Dear the Bean

by Karina Landers

From the first moment I saw you I thought you were amazingly great. You are just so big and known for probably being the best place in downtown Chicago. Everyone tends to go to you all the time because it’s the perfect place for pictures and for everyone to be there together with their loved ones.

Dear Wrigley Field

by Osbaldo Jiminez

What an astonishing place you have become. It had to keep track but look at you still standing strong and tall after hundreds of years. Your eye catching green marsh that staggers all around you. Your green wall has been game changers depending on if a ball gets trapped in there or not. Your wonderful smells make my nose water. That is if my nose had a mouth. I’m standing next to you and I close my eyes. I take a whiff of the air and simply think this is what baseball smells like.


Let me introduce you

by Yuau Feng

Let me introduce you {to} a place that {is} near by my house. McGuane Park, located at 24th Street & Halsted. Why I want you {to} know about it {is} so bad because it’s gorgeous place inside this busy city. Deep inside the park there us lake on the corner. There are many people doing morning exercise I the park. Also, there are people fishing in the lake. It has a hill standing {in the} middle of the park. Top of the hill there is a wide plain ground with grass. It is a good place to play {fly} a kite or walk a dog. What {is} special about this lace is you feel relax {relaxed} and comfortable sitting on the hill. At the dawn {dusk?} you can sit quietly and look at the sunset. A great way to enjoy the very last minute of the day. This park before the day was a waste place. But a few years later people built this, such a wonderful place.

So scary, yet so full of beauty

by Maria Esquiel

So scary, yet so full of beauty, culture and memories. You, little village, you scare visitors, neighbors and residents with all the violence you carry on your streets, yet no one seems to leave. From all your magnificent history, restaurants, and stores, but is it really those materialistic stuff that you give us that makes people want to stay or return or could it be your various types of culture that you brig together—Mexicans, black, white or Asian.


Dear Pilsen

by Brian Cruz

You smell like a home cooked Mexican meal on a typical Sunday morning. I remember growing up on the smooth, yet cracked street of “Carpenter.” When my pool was only a bucket outside my house. With you I have learned both the good and the bad, how to see the wrong and the right of things. Because of you, I learned to stand up to the big bully down the street at Durant (sp?) Park. Because of you I am a growing artist and very passionate.


Beautiful deck with a lovely lake view

by Celeste Castaneda

Beautiful deck with a lovely lake view that could make one lose thought with just a stare. That’s really what Navy Pier is all about. It is a good tourist attraction, there is not a day where the place is alone. That’s what fascinates me the most, if you take a loo at the people here, there’s diversity. Many not from the locale. Which explained {explains} the perhaps change of languages. The pier brings out the best among the different cultures.


They say

by Lizzet Benitez

They say you’re good with kids,

They say you’re beautiful.

You are full of life and full of joy.

You make every child happy with your warm embrace.

It might be cold outside but you have the warmth of all their hearts


The way you show the reflection

by Elyssa Barrera

The way you show the reflection of our city with such beauty is amazing. No other city can have the love I have for you, Chicago, you may have your bipolar weather days, but I love you. You’re like a crazy girlfriend that changes their moods daily. The way the wind flows through the air is like music to my ears.


Dear Millennium Park

by Andres Baliudares

It kills me to remember; I shouldn’t remember.

The thoughts that go through my mind while walking right next to you brings me back to that day. The sun was out, yet it was cloudy with the chance of rain. The thoughts going in my head were to make that day perfect, not okay, not alright {all right}, but perfect. I tend to do this a lot. I reminisce about my memories.