It isn't easy

by Montserrat Rojas

“It isn't easy having two businesses in different cities, although it is a big help, my daddy always says.”

I see a guy dressed in a grey shirt wrinkled and ripped pants. He seems kind but you can see a blue past in the way he sees. As I see him chatter with my dad about the things he done {he’s done}, said, and what he had been through, makes me realize that plenty {of} people don't have it as I do. I’m only 13 years old, old enough to realize the ways of life.

“I lost my wife and my beautiful daughter. I lost my house and I don't have a job. I’m lucky enough I have oxygen in my lungs and Tiny with me.” Daniel tells my dad.

I still didn't understand why they haven’t changed his name, his dog wasn’t tiny at all anymore.

Eventually we had to continue {on} our way, and on the way, was silent, you can hear the space and air blowing the leaves to the south. We arrived to the shop, everything was good as usual, a customer comes in and gets eggs, milk, orange juice, cookies, plenty {of} water bottles, cans of food, bread, etc. Obviously my dad asked what was the occasion. As I put the groceries in paper bags Ms. Elizabeth was {in} such a hurry to put half of the store in the counter. My dad asked again and clear along with, “Is everything alright?”

She stopped. “Don't you know, dear? It’s going viral, Chicago is burning out, that’s the word spreading out.”

I stare{d} at them as she explains what she heard. I turn around and look at people walking, some look inside as they walk as if someone is chasing them. My dad closes the shop. I say nothing at all and we run to the horses, to head to Chicago, although having a long way to go. I was already trying to figure out how I’ll end up seeing this fire. I never seen {saw} such {so} many peculiar faces in less than four hours. Seeing grey smoke raising {rising} and a nasty, terrible smell – getting close made our head{s} dizzy.

My eyes got widder {wider}, the horses stopped and we touched the ground and there was no longer green grass. 

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