I’m on horseback

by Eliseo Monarrez

I’m on horseback coming back from dropping off some mail at my aunt’s house. The wind was blowing pretty fast. The leaves on the trees were falling off, hitting Nikki, my horse, in the face. The dust winds were forming into little tornadoes. Nikki’s ears were moving instantly. She was frieghtened {frightened}. It {was} getting dark and some far away light had gotten my attention. It kept glowing and it kept getting brighter. 

I was realizing that was my mom’s barn that was on fire so I spead {sped} Nikki’s pace, she literally ran like the wind. The fire was spreading like the leaves that were falling off the trees with the wind. I made Nikki jump over the gate and jump over the fire as well. The cow was freaking and my mother was freaking out as well. The fire just kept going. I took my mom and the animals to where the fire wasn’t spreading. I asked what happened.

My mother replied, “The cow tipped over the lamp while I was milking her and the fire was spread out through the hay. And it just won't stopped {stop}. We quickly alerted the neighbors to help clear the fire but we just couldn't do it. The fire was too strong.”

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