Shadowmere was not only a horse

by Richard Lucio, Jr.

Shadowmere was not only a horse, but a best friend to me. I seen {saw} him as a baby, and as he started growing older he became my horse. Woke up every morning and I checked up on him. I brushed him, fed him, took him everywhere he wanted to go. That was my best pal. And that day, that day when that massive fire took everything we had, Shadowmere guided me to the best decision of my life.

I was out running errands. I needed to go to the next town to arrange something and that’s when I noticed the most frightening sight of my life. I glanced to the evening sky, and seen {saw} that it had a bit of an orange shade to it. Along with that, it looked like fog or smoke covered the sky and lots of it. It was coming from back home so I raced to Shadowmere and double-timed it back home. The closer I got to Chicago, the more and more my heart broke. Almost every building was lit up in flames. Everything was destroyed.

I remember just looking blankly towards the buildings. Noticing how fast the fire spread and how powerful it was. It looked like there was no way in stopping it. I turned around and attempted to get the Hell out of there. But one thing stopped me. Shadowmere wouldn’t budge. He wouldn’t {didn’t} ant to leave home. I got off and looked at him, and I could see the town in flames through the reflection of his eyes. And with this, I couldn't leave. My home was being destroyed, but even then I couldn't abandon it.

Running into people trying to leave, I joined several people in the attempt of stopping or {at} the very least, slowing down the fire. 

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