It is 1972

by Raziell Enciso

It is 1972, 2 weeks after that horryfing {horrifying} fire hit my town. We had left because of the danger we were against I worked as a construction worker. We built anything from farms, houses, porches, ANYTHING! Most of us started coming back I saw my neighbor’s dog inside the house or the ruins. The dog had nothing more than skin and bones just lying there. I felt that burn in the back of my head. That same hot feeling I get when I’m scared or frightened. The whole town was in ruins. I had given up on the dream of my town being rebuilt when I saw all the damage and everything torn down. I was just walking away when some words came to mind, “Take care of this house, as long as this house is yours, I will always be with you.”

Those were the words of my old man. My father, his words a few weeks before he had past {passed}. I turned around, I took one good look at the house and saw a vision, a vision of greatness. I was a construction worker. I cam build my own company, my own team, and rebuilt {rebuild} this whole town. That is exactly what I did. 20 {twenty} years have passed and I am still here in my house in the same town, now with {a} wife and kids. I see outside, my creations. What dreams can only imagine. I built my own empire. This is my town.

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