A Mental Discussion with Myself Over Disney’s Frozen: How My Thoughts Should Be Broadcast

by Alison O’Connor

January 5, 2014:

Alison, you turn twenty in less than twenty five days. You’re almost a technical grown up, nearly done being a teen! Do you really want to alienate your internet friends, your real life friends and your family friends over a stupid overrated animated film? I know it whitewashed an indigenous culture, the Sami tribe, I know it was just two more white princesses in a very white-centric corporation, I know you don’t always think Disney the most progressive company. But maybe try keeping all of your concerns about the ever-prevalent racism within Disney to yourself? Before, you know, you say something too harsh and people get mad? 

But it’s a free country, right? Can’t I express how I feel about this film that everyone so dearly loves, and how we all need to look critically into what we love? Can’t I raise awareness about the racism, however implicit, in Disney and in Frozen? I mean, if I don’t say or do anything, aren’t I part of the problem? And who will really care? I mean, it’s just one status update in a sea of everyone else’s Facebook posts…

That doesn’t mean you should take to social media with these concerns! And you should be careful, you know? A lot, and I mean a-lot, of your friends love Disney and Disney films, and especially this new one, Frozen. People on Facebook are talking about how great the film and the characters are! Do you really want to rain on their parades? No one is going to hate you for not calling out racism in this one instance, you need to pick your battles. I cannot stress this enough. You have a choice, you know. You can edit yourself, watch yourself and not hurt people’s feelings, or you can make a fool of yourself publicly, an embarrassing, blabbering fool.

But this matters to me! I hate how Disney has chosen to neglect people of color in their films and in the film industry! Especially after a history of segregation and racist caricatures and whitewashing of history that they are infamous for. I mean, I wish I could ignore it and go with the flow like everyone else, but how can people just absorb more whiteness from a film like Frozen and especially ignore the fact that they censored out the different races of the Sami tribe the film explicitly derives inspiration from?

Can I, in good conscience, sit back while my friends and the entire internet ignore the great faults of the movie? Besides, I mean, people are calling it the greatest thing since sliced bread, and it’s just a movie that seems like every other Disney film! What’s so special about it? And if I make a comment about how racist it is, who will really care? Won’t people agree with me? What about that possibility, people siding with me and, well, me having made a great and insightful point about institutional racism and whitewashing in today’s society and popular culture?

Are you really serious about this? Be prepared to tick a whole lot of people off, and even lose a few friendships. Don’t be a killjoy, don’t be a buzzkill, don’t…

Don’t say another word! I want to, and I’m going to! People are actively saying the film is not racist, and silencing the real concerns of people of color over this film! I’m not going to see people ignored and their concerns silenced because of a stupid movie the general public loves so much! I’m going to speak my mind and I don’t care who hates me for it! I want to do the right thing, and this is what I think this will be! I want to bring up the faults of this film and the faults of Disney as a whole!

It’s your Facebook, your friends list, your social life. Go for it, but don’t come crying to me if your friends hate your guts afterwards.


I did it. I wrote my Facebook status:

Alison’s Facebook status update, January 5, 2014:

“I know many of you love Disney and Frozen. But Disney is a racist company and anyone who tries to defend their utter lack of diversity in their films, or the blatant racism of the Frozen film is a racist. plain and simple. Like, I know you love Disney but some of these fans are worse than the beliebers (Justin Bieber fans) with how they cannot admit their idol is very problematic and dangerous.”

Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND?! You basically called everybody, all your Disney-loving friends, no less, a racist! That’s not how you should go about anything at all! Let’s see how well people react to this little beauty. Ugh! You’ve sunk your own ship!

Ah…wait. You’re…you’re right. I may have. Let’s just see…

Three of my good friends ‘liked’ it. No. Wait, now a guy I went to high school with asked how is it racist. NO. NO. NO. one of my dearest internet friends commented with “it’s NOT racist.”

Then a long spell of me explaining my position happened, then my dear internet friend’s best friend and I had a small debate, then several of my real friends commented with how devastated they were by my anti-Disney stance, and now I think that everybody hates me. WHY. WHY did I feel the need to make everybody angry with me?

I told you so. I told you this would happen. But did you listen to me? NOPE. Now you’ve really done it. Your friends all hate you. Why did you have to insinuate people would be racist for loving Frozen and not thinking the same way you do? That’s a special kind of inconsiderate.

You’re right. I messed up big time. Wait…wait. No. My dear internet friend defriended me! NO! NO! HOW DID I MAKE HER SO MAD AND ANGRY WITH ME?

You implied she was a racist. It’s not hard to read between the lines of that one.

You’re right. I didn’t mean to. But I completely understand why she would hate me, why she would be beyond angry with me, why she would want to stop being my friend. I’ll write her the best apology I can, it’s worth a try, but I don’t want her to hate me any more than she already does.


January 6, 2014:

How did that go, Ms. Congeniality?

She hates me. She told me that she never wanted to see or hear from me again, in simplest terms. And I understand. I would, if I could, turn back time and write a less hasty, zealous and scathing status update. I’d take the feelings of others into consideration, I wouldn’t be so wrapped up in a battle I knew I couldn’t have hoped to win.

Next time, you’ll know, now won’t you?

Yes. Yes I will. I feel horribly for what I’ve done to all my friends, to this one friend whom I respected so much, who wants nothing more to do with me.I’ve had to do a lot of apologizing in the days following that status update, I just wish I could have approached the topic of racism and whitewashing in a more civil, respectful manner. My lack of respect was what really bites me about this whole incident. I need to think of the feelings of others if I really want to go about activism, however small, right?

Right indeed. Listen to me, choose safely and pick your battles before you and others get hurt!

Wait, I don’t want to choose the safe route, not every time, at least, but I also don’t, I agree, want to hurt others when I do want to speak up with something unpopular.I’ll be much wiser next time, more thoughtful and more diplomatic. I don’t want to repeat all the glaring mistakes I made with how I chose to voice my thoughts. It was very wrong of me, and I am all kinds of sorry for it. I really learned all of this the hard way, though, didn’t I?

I’d have to agree.


January 7, 2014:

I’m turning over a new leaf, I will, and I’ll stick by what I’ve learned from this sorry situation. As a nineteen year old, I’ve made a lot of mistakes like this, but once I’m twenty I won’t make another one!


But what if…


Fine, fine.  

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