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This Isn’t How I Do (Or Who I Listen To)

by Alison O’Connor

I kept seeing her on TV, kept seeing her name on Itunes and her image all over the internet and at least three Rolling Stone magazine covers.I also kept seeing her name under different articles and blog posts about how wrong cultural appropriation is. Her name is Katy Perry, one of the biggest pop stars of the past two decades. She’s a beautiful woman, with perpetually changing hair, expressive eyes, an amazing figure and very stylish, constantly making different “edgy” fashion choices. Her voice is decent, her music is certainly very catchy, very infectiously produced, at least. But I have never been able to tolerate her. She keeps making my ears hurt, my eyes ache with the perpetual candyland motif on every aspect of her, and, moreover, she keeps making problematic “artistic” and “aesthetic” choices in regards to her appropriation of other races and cultures.  



The Day the Beatles Came to Town

by Jonathan Klopp

As you my fellow students know, this week was “Beatles Week” in honor and celebration of the newly popular British Rock n Roll sensation’s arrival to America. Although I have not been much of a fan, your enthusiasm in the halls inspired me to investigate this British Phenomena further. Thus, I jumped at the chance, when given the opportunity to attend their concert this past week and will enlighten you about my experiences. Hopefully, you will enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoyed writing it and will learn something new about that rock group you so admire that you did not realize before.